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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________brrrr_brrrr____________brrrrrrrrraaatz________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________schschschschschschschschsch_______________________________________________________________________________________ta_ta_ta_bumm_ta_ta_ta_bumm___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________bumm_bumm_tschak_____tik______bum_bumm_tschack__________________________________ ping dong_______ding_pong__________________________________ ka_ka_ka_ka_put_put___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________paff _paff _puff ______________________________________________________bling_bling______________ ____________________tu_lala_mimi____________________________________tok_tok_tok_oi_oi oo___________ha_he_hi_ho_hu______________________________________________boing_tschack_bumm_____________________

I am hÄK aka B. Norbert Würtz. I make experiments with all sorts of 
sounds and noises using diy circuits, molekular synths, lots of 
cables and field recordings. I write and perform music which could
stylistically be described as somewhere in between electroacoustic,
noise and cut up musique concrete.
In 2004 I co-founded the nschenKlein Experimental Music-VideoProject
with long time friend and director Alex Herzog.
In 2019 Philipp Danzeisen and I formed the duo hÄK / Danzeisen 
with Philipp on drums and myself on electronics and modular synth.
Liveset at home with my daughter Leo in the washing machine during 
Corona-Lockdown January 2021.
Video by hÄK and "Leo Lightspeed".
hÄK "GARE" generative sound- and music PureData Patch
"Luftgitarre" nschenKlein Collaboration 2004
"Plunderphonic Rock-Collage" in sync with music video made by Alexander Herzog
"nschenKlein Collaboration" 
Sound and Video experiments at Kontrollraum Funkhaus Berlin in 2004.
Video by Alexander Herzog.
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radio Epsilonia Blog
Comissioned by the Royal Opera House London; Project: Glauco "Madness in A JaR"

a collaboration with Marc Teitler
"Dünnes Eis" Short-Film 
Directed by Alexander Herzog
extracted szenes to showcase music and sounddesign
Music and Sound design by Bernd Norbert Wuertz
"YingWangGitarre" nschenKlein Collaboration 2006 (the successor of Luftgitarre)
"Plunderphonic Ethno-Rock-Collage" in sync with music video made by Alexander Herzog
The fish has survived the worm unfortunately not.