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Besides composing, improvising and performing experimental music under the moniker hÄK I also produce music for other artists, as well as composing and designing sound for films, theatre and installations under my given name Bernd Norbert Würtz.

I have been lucky to be able to enjoy succesfull music collaborations with great people. Among them so far were Marc Teitler, Peter Challis, Ayu Okakita, VOOV and Sayoko Paris (Dosage). I was given the chance to work on interesting film-project swith great directors such as Dante Ariola, Yves Geleyn, Alexander Herzog, Peter Dörfler and Luc Besson and worked for institutions such as La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and the Royal Opera House in London.

norbwuertz [at] gmail.com



Currently working on a hÄK-Danzeisen Album


participation (music and video) in the CSSE1 Stream Scape Project,
initiated by Christian Graupner (VOOV). several artists
e.g. Ale Hop, FM Einheit, Michael Saup, Aneta Panek etc. worked together on an audiovisual piece.
published and streamed via ESS.org Experimental Sound Studio,Philadelphia,

Dublab.com LA


Dutschke “Schüsse von Rechts”
music compostion for TV (ARD) documentary, directed by Peter Dörfler;



“VOOV vs hÄK”
collaboration with Christian Graupner (VOOV) on a series of music pieces released on the Humatic label.

co-founding the duo “hÄK / Danzeisen” with drummer Philipp Danzeisen


moving back to Berlin in july

Guest lecture appointment on the subject film sound design at the h_da Darmstadt (faculty motion picture) in November.


music and sound design for Alexander Herzogs Short Film “Dünnes Eis”

co-composing 2 tracks for the album “Theory of Pink” of Paris based Japanese singer Sayoko Papillon aka Dosage .


co-hosting Epsilonia, experimental music radio show until 


teaching and organising a workshop on sound design and music composition for motion picture at la Gaité Lyrique in Paris. A collaboration with artist and musician Vincent Eplay.


releases of a split cassette tape under the name hÄK together with Alan Curtis on the KommaNul! “,0” label in France.


first albums with production music composed for several EMI labels eg Music House and KPM.


birth of Leontine.


first live impro sets under the pseuodyme hÄK using modular synthesiser and diy electronics; first around Paris, but later followed by concerts around France eg: RIAM Festival (2011) in Marseille, or After Musical Strasbourg 2017,


collaboration with Marc Teitler and Ayu Okakita, composing and producing an album “Imekura”, under the name Ackou.


moving to Paris Releasing the Album “Hänschenklein Basic V1.1” on the Etoile Noir label with a collection of all the works done by the collaboration the prior years including a CD with bonus audio only tracks.


In collaboration with Marc Teitler; music composition commissioned by the Royal Opera House. 

Later released as an album on iTunes: Glauco “Island of Comodo”


Finalist of the Berlinale Talentcampus Score competition.

Sounddesign for the Film “Meeresfluchten” by Dirk Peuker 






freelance musician, composer and sounddesigner


completion of “Alpeichhorn” and “Yingwanggitarre” by Hänschenklein

“Donquatro” Screening at Impact Festival Holland, “Luftgitarre” in Rotation on VIVA Music Channel.


Collaboration with director Alex Herzog under the name “Hänschenklein”

producing the soundtrack to several short films / music videos eg “Don Quattro”, “Luftgitarre”


sound design for for the art installation “911, Flags and Manah” by Mara de Luca and Jason Danziger
Abstruse Space, London; Galerie Chromosome, Berlin


Pro Tools operator and sounddesigner at Audioforce Postproduktion Berlin;

composing soundtracks and music for TV, Radio, Advertising;


sound assistant at Nucleus Recording Studio Berlin

working on productions for people such as Till Brönner, Georg Kaleve and Gabi Delgado


moving from London to Berlin;
taking a course in Audio Engineering at the SAE Technology college Berlin;
finishing with SAE Diploma;


night receptionist at Metropolis Recording Studios London, becoming an assistant later on;


moved to London playing bass in 4 piece indie rock band “Yummy”.

producing electronic music tracks and sound collages with sampler and classic Roland synths;


first sampler and an Atari ST computer for sequencing after spending all summer working in a roof-tile factory in order to finance new equipment;

teaching myself how to use the equipment:


Abitur (A-Levels) am Gymnasium Weierhof am Donnersberg, Rheinland -Pfalz;

Start of studies; Philosophy and Art History  (Magister Artium) at Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz;


first sound experiments with dads sound equipment, amps tape echos;


autodidact guitar- and later bassplaner playing in several punk rock bands throughout teenage years;


first Piano Lessons;


born in Rockenhausen Germany;



                Filmography (selection)


                „Dutschke- Schüsse von Rechts“
                Dokumentarfilm ARD 2020; Regie: Peter Dörfler;

                „Dünnes Eis“
                Kurzfilm 2018; Regie Alexander Herzog;
                (Musik und Sounddesign)

                „Save Kids Lives“
                Social Spot 2015; Regie Luc Besson

                „La Gâité Lyrique Paris“
                Opening Film 2012; Regie: Yves Geleyn;
                (Musik und Sounddesign)

                „Stadt und Mensch“
                Kurzfilm 2011; Auftragsarbeit Royal Opera House London; Regie: Alexander Herzog;
                (Musik, Sounddesign)

                2005; Regie: Dirk Peuker;

                „Don Quatro“,
                Experimenteller Musik-Kurzfilm 2003;
                Regie: Alexander Herzog; (Musik und Sounddesign)   




                 Discographie Selection 



                 2020 – VOOV/hÄK Collaboration release of three tracks on the text- Humatic label

                 Naked Piano, Gas MMXX, Forer 


                 2019- Dosage “Theory of Pink” BNWuertz co-composer,

                 Vinyl LP, Les Disques du Festival Permanent, FR


                 Bernd Wuertz Marc Teiler „Progressive Atmospheres“

                 Album, KPM-Music (EMI), UK 2015


                 hÄK „Musik für Molekularsynthesizer“

                 MC, Komma Null label, noise tapes Paris 2013


                 Hänschenklein „Basic V1.1“

                 CD, DVD Etoile Noire, 2008


                 Glauco „Island Of Furverts“

                 digital, i-tunes, 2007